Oh, Hey There Northampton!

We are excited to announce that Northampton has it’s very own chapter of FEAST in the works with the first round slated to take place in January of 2011.

Basically we are organizing what is anticipated to be a monthly event where tickets can be purchased on a sliding scale/donation basis which will land you access to all this awesome stuff:

  • An evening of fresh local food, creatively prepared by a local chef (we’re talking good stuff here).
  • The opportunity to vote on proposals presented by local artists who need funding for their projects.
  • Hours of entertainment featuring live musicians and performances, who knows maybe even comedians!
  • The opportunity to buy raffle tickets to win awesome art prizes.
  • And, the opportunity to bond with other rad community members who are also rising to the task of generating local cultural sustainability, and who like yourself, clearly have good taste.

The proceeds from the evenings ticket sales go directly to the top voted for proposals, and at the next round you get to see how the artists used the funds to bring their projects to fruition, right here in your community.

We will be initiating a KickStarter campaign to help get us off the ground and in the mean time will plug you in with some exciting documentation and articles about FEAST happening in cities all over the U.S.

Stay Tuned!

One Response to “Oh, Hey There Northampton!”
  1. Rob Charette says:

    this is fantastic!

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