F.E.A.S.T. Episode 1: What the AMAZING!!!

This past Saturday marked the first ever Valley F.E.A.S.T. and after months of exhaustive planning, organizing and campaigning, the results could not have been more worth it.  The turn out was HUGE, the response has been spectacular, our artists were awesome, the bands were terrific, and the food was out of this world.  Everyone had a terrific time and we were able to put greatly needed funds into the hands of local artists with terrific ideas.

Here is the run down.

First Prize  of $600 went to Jackie Vital and Evan Curran for Shiprock and Anchordog which is an original performance about two pups and their epic quest for food security. This audience-active piece features music by Evan Curran and Loren Halman and visual art by a slew of local artists.

Second Prize of $300 went to Jesse Erica Epstein for MEET THE ARTISTS, a series of 3- minute video profiles of Western Mass area artists and musicians.  These videos put the faces to the statement that Northampton is the “Number One Best Small Arts Town in America”.

Tied for Third Prize of $150 was Lyell Castonguay for Interactive Intaglio which is a community event designed to increase public awareness of Intaglio printmaking within the Pioneer Valley. On July 8 from 5-9pm in front of First Churches ABC in downtown Northampton we will assemble a print studio complete with a portable etching press, and a staff of dedicated printing enthusiasts. Find out more at http://interactiveintaglio.blogspot.com

Also for Third Prize of $150 was Simone Alter Muri and Bruce Cannon for Barcodes on Canvas which is a project to raise awareness about the power of images and the way that people accept the rhetoric and propaganda of others as truth. We plan to create a series of large barcodes printed on canvas to address underlying issues brought to light by the Holocaust but that occur in every community.

It was a really pleasant unexpected surprise that we were able to hand out $1200.  We owe our community a massive thank you for coming out to show your support for F.E.A.S.T.

We also want to thank The Fine And Dandy Trio, Home Body, Samuel Jackson, Sore Eros, Doug Ratner & The watchmen and The Stimulus Package for coming out and playing for free, for rocking the crowd and being some of the raddest bands in this area.

A huge thank you goes out to John Peter Wentworth and Michael Gundlach of the Dirty Truth for the wonderful menu they put together.  The food table was a mad house so hopefully if you were there with us on Saturday night you had a chance to get your mitts on some of their tasty eats.  John and Michael are available to cater public and private events, interested persons can email Michael at paperdaughter@gmail.com. Also a huge thank you to Tara Tulley of Bread Euphoria for her fantastic desserts, -“come on was that not the best (redacted-expletive) desert ever….yes it was Tara…”.  I don’t think we can really stress how grateful we are for all of their hard work, they planned this menu over the course of three weeks and spent the entire last week preparing it. They really tapped their personal and professional resources in order to make this happen, and combined with their talent, they fought a lot of stress and strain and executed fantastically, I think they even said they “had fun”.  Again, it will be really difficult for us to find Chef’s to top their work for the next round of F.E.A.S.T.- Do you hear that Pioneer Valley Chef’s? – I think it’s a challenge calling. . . .

Thank you to Ashley Brown for decorations, designed & handmade by SECRET HOLIDAY www.SecretHolidayhandmade.com.

We also owe a huge shout out to RESTAURANTWARE ( http://www.restaurantware.com/) for furnishing our beautifully designed biodegradable service ware.  If you have a function coming up we strongly urge you to look into using their eco-friendly products.  Definitely the best stuff we found out there for sustainable and elegantly designed products.

And more giant thank you’s go out to Mr. & Mrs. Devany for sewing our programs and roughing it through a night of bohemian art stink fund-raising, Karen & Tim Romansky for transporting food, being brave enough to assist our insane cooks and taking photo’s (coming soon), Brendan McCauley & Ashley Brown and Adria Sutter for being excellent general point people, managing set up and breakdown and handling all the ballots, Evil Bill & The Elevens for being the ONLY venue in this town that would allow us to host this amazing project – they got it right, Matt the door guy that can only be recognized when he is checking i.d.’s, & the rest of the lovely staff and bartenders of The Elevens for handling the hoards of people that spilled through the door, to Tim J. Romansky for being the bad ass that voluntarily managed the back door and kept the free loaders out, to the ENTIRE community that came out to be a part of F.E.A.S.T., To everyone who spread the word about F.E.A.S.T. through conversations with friends, emails, and blog posts.

. . . . .  I think that’s everyone? I hope we’re not missing anyone, If we did, let us know, we don’t want anyone’s efforts to go unnoticed since this is about community collaboration, community building, networking, resourcing and supporting each other in order to make our world better to live, work, make and see art, eat food in, listen to and see live music and to generally exist in.

Coming up later this week we will have more pics from the evenings events, we will also follow up with details about our funded projects as they progress over the next few months.  We are also already getting pressured to book the next event for this spring and we will be constantly following up with those details as they develop.

Also stay tuned to valleyfeast.wordpress.com as we will be adding some content to the site including links to resources for local artists as well as links to all our friends, fellow artists, musicians and collaborators.


2 Responses to “F.E.A.S.T. Episode 1: What the AMAZING!!!”
  1. Matt "The Door Guy." says:

    Thanks for the shout out. It is nice when a (sometimes) thankless job gets recognized. I really appreciate what you said about myself, Bill, and The Elevens. We love you there, so keep it coming. Your event, your people, your art, and your concept are all amazing. I hope to see each and every one of you soon. F.E.A.S.T. is a boon to the community. Wonderful work!


    • Marty says:

      Thanks to the Elevens for hosting this event. I cam late (I was at the Beats Antique show at Pearl Street) and I only wish I had known about this event sooner as I would have come earlier. I also wish that the woman who was taking down the decorations had waited until the two music acts had finished. It made those in the audience who were still there (and the musicians, I think) get the feeling that it was over even though it wasn’t, and I think it made people walk away. I don’t want to complain, but I don’t think it was respectful to the people up on the stage or the people that were still in the house.

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